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The Sound Of Eddy - Fluid - Vinyl

The Sound Of Eddy - Fluid - Vinyl

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“Fluid” is the debut album from the Montreal-based group The Sound Of Eddy. The work is inspired by the sounds of trip hop, psychedelic soul, and pop. Abigail Galwey’s sensitive and assertive vocals fill the album with vibrant melodies. Danny Trudeau’s passionate bass playing acts as an undercurrent, moving the music forward. Overall, one can feel the fun Danny and Abigail have with their creative process.

The album opens with the plucking of muted strings, lively tapping of fingertips on hand drums, and the buzzing of an incoming synthesizer. The intro foreshadows the album’s style, welcoming unusual sounds and fusing them into exciting arrangements.

Each song brings spontaneity, sometimes moving with a storytelling quality. “Room in a Bubble” has a certain shine to it. Danny’s high energy, funk inspired bass line sustains the fun, upbeat groove, while Abigail’s lush vocals paints a picture of Montreal summers. This feel-good jam is followed up by the sensual “Lovers on the Run”, where the kick drum pounds like a racing heart. There is a rhythmic, heavy breath, while a flute and gritty bass are set in juxtaposition. Abigail sings of two improbable lovers who find themselves together. The high-spirited nature of these two songs moves into the relaxed and intimate “Spring Cleaning”. Abigail and Danny show their ability to express the highs and lows, and a softer side emerges. Danny traverses the neck of the bass, unlocking layered moods, opening, and deepening the song’s emotional range. Abigail mirrors these impressions as she graces the track with her moving vocal melodies and reflective lyrics. These elements bare beauty and sadness, expressive of the solitude that follows times of celebration.

The Sound Of Eddy is unlike others. One gathers the feeling that the group is intentionally steering their ship, like a musical expedition, into uncharted waters. They embrace unfamiliar sounds and explore song structures that evolve like a good story, with unexpected turns that capture the listener’s attention. “Sysiphus” is a prime example of this approach. There is an eclectic musical break that flips the script. A commanding synth surges forward, accompanied by a slightly out of key guitar solo. Although these sounds veer from expectation, they still follow a causal relationship with the rest of the song. The Sound Of Eddy can be experimental at times, but the band still makes it sound inviting. This adventurous spirit is one of the virtues of the album, illustrating courage and a willingness to try new things.

“Fluid” demonstrates a keen sense of balance. In the same way that the band searches for exciting new sounds, they also find interesting points of contrast. For example, Abigail showcases her raw vocal power in the song “Tears in the Rain”. This track builds from minimal beginnings, gradually introducing gritty sounds that feed off each other. These notes then burst open in a hard-hitting chorus where Abigail sings with a weight and attitude that leaves an emotional impact. Then, as if a waterfall is crashing, gathering in a serene pool, the following song “One Thing Still Remains” offers drawn out, dreamy synths, long bow strokes of violin, settling the listener into soothing, ethereal sounds.

Overall, the album lives up to its title. Each song of “Fluid” moves naturally into the next, building momentum, sometimes mellowing, but never ceasing to flow. Water is the best metaphor to describe this body of work. Each song is refreshing and full of life, like taking a rejuvenating dip.
released September 9, 2022

All songs written by Abigail Galwey & Danny Trudeau
Produced by Joe Grass

Abigail Galwey: Vocals
Danny Trudeau: Bass, Moog bass
Joe Grass: electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizer, percussion, vocals (Lovers on the Run, Can’t Shake this Feeling)
Nadia Hawa Baldé, Judith Little Dandurand: Backing vocals
Michel Medrano Brindis: Drums & percussion
Elli Miller Maboungou: Ngoma drums
Jerome Beaulieu: Wurlitzer, Rhodes, piano, Juno synth
David Osei-Afrifa: Synthesizers
Hubert Tremblay: Guitar
Mélanie Bélair: Violin

Engineering: Gautier Marinof and Joe Grass
Vocals engineering assisted by Phil Pelletier
Recorded at Tone Bender Studios & PJ Mansion
Mixed by Howie Beck
Mastered by Dave McNair at Salem Studio, North Carolina, USA

Photography: Noé Sardet
Artwork: Clément Lavedan
Makeup artist: Vanessa Ashley
Hairstylist: Nathalie Leblanc

Ensoul Records, 2022
All rights reserved
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