Collection: Hanorah

Hanorah is a multidisciplinary artist based out of a small studio filled with cats, canvases, and glittered tape recorders in Montréal’s west end. Influenced by the likes of Etta James and Joni Mitchell, the combination of Hanorah’s powerful vocals and the vulnerability of her messaging naturally drew her to Soul music. Following an early record deal, she released her debut EP ‘For The Good Guys And The Bad Guys’ in 2019. The record amassed over a million streams, won her several awards, and helped her tour extensively through Canada and the U.S.

With years of touring now under her belt (including several television appearances and supporting the likes of Mavis Staples and Lee Fields), she took time to plunge back into songwriting and forge a new musical direction. What emerged was her first full length album ‘Perennial’. A work packed with soulful ballads and RnB grooves as it digs deeper into Hanorah’s musical roots to explore the lush tones and textures of her voice. The first singles from the release garnered many streams and views. It was featured on radio stations across Canada and received multiple spots on Spotify editorial playlists. Exclaim! Magazine listed the album as a ‘staff pick’ for 2022 and she performed several tracks on the hit Quebec TV show Belle et Bum.

Her new follow-up EP ‘Time Waits For No Woman’ comprises songs composed during her debut album’s recording. It zeros in on Hanorah’s experience as a woman entertainer in the industry and acts as a response to the business-minded forces that treat women artists as commodities and equate their value with their youth. It is out everywhere in October 2023 through Ensoul Records.